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54% of Boards view Cyber risk as a top / group risk, when compared with all the risks faced by their company.
Source: HM Government Health Check report 2017
How well could you withstand a sustained cyber-attack?
When did you last perform a Security Health Check?
  • The company’s Board of Directors are accountable for the organisation’s cyber security health.

  • A cyber security health check is a proactive process that leads to a detailed understanding of an organisation’s risk, vulnerabilities and exposure to potential hackers.

  • It is a necessary service that helps the Board determine which cyber governance areas to target for improvement and how much investment is required.


Our Security Health Check Method




Are you able to answer questions such as:

  • What are the key assets requiring protection?

  • How are they being protected?

  • Who is responsible for protecting them?

  • How would the organisation respond to a major cyber security incident?


If the answers to these questions are not at your fingertips, you are not alone!

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PC Help Centre Limited work in partnership with the Cyber Trust Group.

and Bedfordshire Police Cyber Crime Unit and are members

of CiSP (Cyber-security Information Sharing Partnership)

  • Our Security Health Check service provides an assessment of the vulnerability and status of your security and identifies any major issues.

  • We assess your current infrastructure on and off site by one or more of our penetration and vulnerability specialists.

  • We scan and assess networks against all unknown threats and to determine the trust level of all files on the targeted endpoints.

  • Interogate Email and Web Gateway for vulnerabilities.

  • ​A report will identify and explain all the areas where adequate controls are either missing or deficient and will identify the risks to your business operations.​​

Quote from: Howard Saycell - CEO RETRA "Thank you very much and would be happy for another company to contact me regarding the work you have done"

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