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GDPR, (General Data Protection Regulation), is now one of the greatest challenges in business today.


That being said, the GDPR process does not have to be problematic or take key people away from their primary objectives.

By working with gdprhelpcentre you benefit from a partnership that will guide you, step-by-step, through the entire process. Each step is broken down into easy to understand modules over a five-week period. And even after the course is finished gdprhelpcentre is here to help you with further compliance updates.



Available throughout the year. Run either on a weekly or fixed basis.


  • Exactly what you need to know about GDPR for your business – through a step-by-step masterclass of 2 hours per week over a five week period.

  • Learn all about the key roles of GDPR relating to your business.

  • An understanding of your legal obligations.

  • Why some data is deemed more important than others.

  • How to handle data breaches.

  • During the course you will complete four modules.

  • Each Masterclass will be interactive as well as including specific Q & A sessions to cover any specific information.


Masterclass Overview


By the end of the programme you will:

  • Be able to understand and explain why you need to protect personal information.

  • Recognise why GDPR legislation is important;

    • who it applies to

    • what legal responsibilities are placed on organisations and individuals

    • the key roles that are involved

    • the time-frame you have to comply with.

  • Learn about the guiding principles of data protection, how they apply, and how these are brought to life within certain, sometimes time-dependent, mandatory processes.

  • Identify and correctly categorise personal data, sensitive data, understand why this is important, and how to treat it.

  • Learn to integrate policies and procedures to reflect GDPR requirements.



  • What is GDPR

  • Who does the GDPR apply to

  • The timeline for completion

  • Why protect personal data

  • The four main modules – Locate, Manage, Protect & Report

  • Legal obligations of the data controller and data processor

  • Data governance practices and processes

  • Personal and sensitive data

  • Security measures

  • Data beaches and reporting

  • ICO Registration



  • Business Owners

  • Directors

  • Information Security Managers / IT Managers

  • Data Protection Officers

  • Corporate Governance Managers

  • Risk and Compliance Managers

  • Human Resources Managers

  • Personal Data & Records Administrators



  • Refreshments

  • Course Notes / Material

  • Folder of Policy and Procedures

  • ICO Registration


Businesses with turnover <£1M = £1500.00 + VAT @ 20%

Businesses with turnover <£5M = £3500.00 + VAT @ 20%

Businesses with turnover >£5M = POA

gdprhelpcentre training course
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