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If PC Help Centre was to compete on Mastermind, we'd take Managed Services as our chosen specialist subject. Dad and I talk a lot about the importance of a managed services approach to protect your business. Yet saying exactly what managed services 'is' can be a little tricky - so let's simplify IT.

PC Help Centre Simplify IT With Managed Services

With a managed services approach, your IT support company can offer as little or as much help and advice as you request. What this kind of IT help looks like will differ from one company to another. Every business is different. The network of one company will bear little resemblance to the IT infrastructure of another. IT support companies offer different levels of expertise; services range from Tier 1 (generalist) to Tier 3 (specialist).

When Dad and I talk with business owners about the reliability and security of their IT, we describe our managed services as contract IT support. Keeping us on-hand and under-contract spreads the cost of maintaining your IT and minimises risk through strategic planning and review. Let us mastermind your IT by identifying data risks and proposing ways to secure your present and future business.

"I've Started So I'll Finish"

This famous line is from BBC TV's Mastermind. You'll hear the phrase when, halfway through a contender's question, the 2 minute beep signals the end of the round. This post is the second half of the Cyber Security Ransomware story I started telling last month. So, in keeping with the Mastermind theme, I've started telling it so I will finish IT.

A Quick Recap Cyber criminals targeted and locked-down 6 servers housed inside the HQ of a Luton-based business. An insecure website form allowed a sophisticated, aggressive cyber attack; one that brought the international business to a near standstill. Hackers mined their way into 1 server and installed FUD RAT malware to monitor unencrypted website login data. The intelligence provided by the malware was then used to take-down a further 5 servers. In total, 6 servers were encrypted, held for ransom and their users across 2 continents were locked-out for at least a week prior to our involvement.

Specialist Subject

Our succinct proposal was written using helpful language that was easy for all to understand. The hackers' entry point was identified and the cause of the breach addressed.

Our recommendations included:

  • SSL certification;

  • FTP login security;

  • website content management and

  • spoofing WiFi logins to brute-force access onto the network.

Our hardware recommendations included:

  • a VPN router capable of encrypting data entering and exiting the network;

  • a Cisco firewall;

  • a reduction in the reliance of WiFi;

  • a reduction of the quantity of ports open on the network and

  • the introduction of a business-class VLAN structure for wired and wireless network connections

  • employee security advice training.

Our wide ranging cyber security recommendations were evaluated and are actively being implemented. PC Help Centre is now acting as an adviser to this international business under a Managed Services approach. Our specialist knowledge diagnosed then cured this organisation's condition and our managed service approach is now ensuring that their hardware, their software and their business processes all enjoy the rudest of health.

General Knowledge

Though it wasn't as if this business didn't have IT support; the company employs staff on the payroll who confidently handle their day-to-day (Tiers 1 & 2) IT requirements. So it's important for me to emphasise that, because PC Help Centre is able to work at Tier 3, we masterminded a way out. Our team's specialist knowledge was able to rapidly repel the cyber attack after the in-house IT had spent a week answering "pass" to the quick-fire specialist IT questions posed by the cyber criminals during the crippling 3 month-long attack.

Mastermind has been on our screens for so long because of its successful format; posing questions over two rounds, testing general and specialist knowledge. Half the joy of watching a TV quiz show is feeling great having answered a handful of general knowledge questions. Just imagine how good it would feel to be able to answer questions in the specialist round.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

When you're faced with a cyber attack, organised by a criminal mastermind who's hacking computers on a global scale, you'll be thankful that you have Tier 3 IT specialists on-call. Yet wouldn't you feel so much better if your managed services were strong enough to repel a cyber attack in the first place?

Put our Tier 3 IT expertise to the test. Managed services is, after all, our chosen specialist subject.

If you would also like more information on our Cyber Security Health Check - call: 01582 672606 or email:

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