The forecast for GDPR is considerably bright...

GDPR - The forecast is considerably bright...

The short-term forecast on the arrival of the new General Data Protection Regulations, (GDPR), onto the shores of the UK seems to us to be one of widespread alarm. Although this is no storm in a teacup, our outlook is considerably brighter than most and we predict calmer conditions ahead.

Short-term forecast

As you work through 2018 you are going to hear progressively more about GDPR.

High pressure in Westminster will generate a lot of hot air about GDPR that will make its way across the UK from many IT companies. But the hot air will also blow-in from solicitors, consultants, from national, social and trade media, from law enforcement and business support organisations; bringing with it unsettled conditions for all.

This thunderstorm will reach its compliance crescendo on 25th May 2018. However, once the storm passes the temperature of the GDPR climate will continue to rise. Stories of enforcement and convictions resulting from failures to avert breaches of personal data, will begin to hang heavy like billowing black clouds in the sky.

A brighter outlook

It's worth noting that GDPR came into force in April 2016 in the UK. Like many businesses we treat GDPR very seriously although we don't herald its arrival with a marketing mix of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Handled correctly, there are many good things that can and should result from GDPR compliance and there’s no reason to get caught out in the downpour. Take a few minutes to hear our forecast about the new Data Protection Bill and start preparing to manage personal data better.

Our GDPR forecast is brighter and sunnier because we understand the regulations differently.

GDPR simply enforces best IT practices

There is nothing within the GDPR legislation which is new or unknown to us. When treated like a diagnostic tool, GDPR shines light upon the IT disciplines which a business should have been following but has chosen for years to ignore. The arrival of GDPR means that IT has now become regulated and policed. Directors will instantly become accountable to a greater extent than with any previous personal data protection regulations. We don't regard GDPR as a judicial threat but as a vehicle to help you improve security and, in so doing, strengthen your network.

Now is the time for you to make the IT improvements you've been putting-off for years.

PC Help Centre guides businesses on becoming GDPR compliant whilst minimising risks. We identify all those IT issues which may have been ignored over the years by asking lots of questions. We listen closely; we take nothing for granted and advise systematically. We approach GDPR as you would a risk assessment; exploring your level of vulnerability and assessing your levels of compliance. The set of questions used has been expertly devised by Adrian White after spending months interpreting the EU's 99 Articles General Data Protection Regulations and the UK's Data Protection Bill.

In-depth questioning

Our exclusive 169 Questions for GDPR Compliance fully address the UK Bill governing your business' use of personal data. We start with a basic review:

  • The search for and identification of personal data

  • The classification of personal data

  • The inventory of personal data holdings

With a clear picture of how personal data gets managed we then drill down into the detail. Our in-depth on-site consultation typically takes 2 days or more. During that time our intelligent questioning technique reveals a robust framework for compliance and on completion you'll be in possession of a list of IT priorities. Once in place, routine audits will become simple and strong personal data management evolves across your business. Our Questions for GDPR Compliance provides an internal quality process that:

  • Tightens the use of and access to personal data across the business

  • Increases customer confidence

  • Enables transparent data governance

  • Identifies outdated IT processes

  • Flags insecure software and hardware

  • Reduces risk from cybercrime

  • Monitors for data breaches

  • Initiates routine security testing

  • Minimises risk from prosecution and fines

Detect, Manage, Protect and Report

Our GDPR consultancy is focused on robust and intelligent questioning. Using a simple [yes|no|n/a] approach, the answers we prompt and acquire offer us the most comprehensive picture possible. Questions for GDPR Compliance allows staff and business owners alike a pain-free, non-technical path to establish your compliance to the Data Protection Bill.

Free Quick GDPR Checklist

Need to know a little more about GDPR before contacting us for help. We've published a free Quick GDPR Checklist that helps you get a feel for the breadth and depth of questioning.

>> Download our free Quick GDPR Checklist<<

Best business practice will prove that those organisations who respond to GDPR in a positive and professional manner will create a well-defined business edge on their competition; however, the audit itself is only half the story.

PC Help Centre offers the specialist technical expertise to implement the software, hardware and security measures which we will identify during the compliance detection phase. Unlike a passing thunderstorm, this legislation is not going to blow-over. GDPR is now poised overhead and no-one quite knows where the first lightning bolts will strike.

Secure the help of an expert to ensure protection against the very worst allegations which customers, government and the courts could throw at you. You'll also be taking the first steps towards a managed services IT philosophy – thus protecting yourself from the IT headaches both hackers and cyber criminals can throw your way including network bottlenecks and computer crashes.

>>Contact us now to arrange an on-site GDPR consultation<<

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